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fuck war. I hope all out people come back safe. any more people die from our area and I'm going to loose it. I'm not old enough to vote but I'm not stupid like every one else. vote nader cos bolth kerry and bush suck, how about a little change in out wolrd and NO MORE WAR. FUCK WAR, ALL WAR DOES IS MAKES HATE AND HATE CREATES WAR AND MORE WAR MAKES MORE HATE AND HATE IS NEVER ENDING.
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DivinexOkami Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2009
War is the propulsion for change. If you have to fight for peace, you are starting a war. The U.S. spends billions engineering precise weapons to eliminate civilian casualties. We spend trillions giving support to other countries. We are the biggest charity organization known to man. You should of had a picture of a JDAM along with some billions of dollars falling from the plane.
MeanderingBeing Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sometimes though, the practice does not match the PR. Yes, we help alot, but we also destroy alot. Think yugoslavia, vietnam... I am neither agreeing with you no disagreeing... so don't hate me :P

But I have a question, Is violence truly necessary for change?
Melfena105 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2007
OMG thats what I have been saying this time.
Mephisto-design Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2004
BAck to the art for a minute. This image is fantastic. Simple and straight forward. Really well done.
sharemysilence Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2004
OH MY GOSH!!!! you have the right idea... i wish people werent so stupid... haha right on with the nader thing!!! i find it funny when Americans blame Iraq for what happened....
gummo Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2004
They don't hate us for dropping bombs, kids...they hate us for dropping bombs on an innocent country that had nothing to do with 9/11. And by the way, a vote for Nader is a vote FOR Bush, because sadly Nader has NO chance of winning. It only takes votes away from Kerry...the lesser evil.
goth-punk Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2004
this work ment somthing I'm not frekin stupid. you just trash the meaning of something JUST cos its a plane droping bombs, what the hell else?
hm, youve got the right idea with the picture, but its nothing i havent seen before. and yeah, war is pretty much an endless cycle, but its not like much can be done about it; people are sheep and they always will be. war IS neccessary sometimes, but this one was just for the oil and the money. both bush and kerry ARE complete idiots, but most people voting for kerry have the "anybody but bush" attitude going and sadly just pick the first person with the most popularity, completely disregarding who else may be running, just because nobody else seems to take interest in them. its crap really, and it sucks. anyway, welcome to DA and keep posting, but try to bring in some ideas that most people overlook, they need some more attention. :) later
zephier Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2004
Yeah, because we all know that Al Qaeda has such a bleeding heart for those killed by bombs. So much so that they do the same thing.

Your argument is flawed and routed in poor education in the understandings of the events.
LittleOrangeFox Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2004

Besides Communism , fasicism and naziism war has never solved anything! (saracasm off) far I dont see the nazis buggin us anymore since we kicked their sorry hides and AL queda is a TV set jack, read a citizens account, look at the liberated.
OptikalIlluzion Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2004
Al Queda is not dissolving, they are still very much at large. Do you even read the news?

As for nazism, fascism, and communism...

Nazism- War did not end it, because to this day we still have neo-Nazis and white-supremacists.

Fascism- Still exists in many countries today, and many of the leaders lording over said countries are supported by the United States. In fact, some were put into power as a result of US-supported coups and assassinations.

Communism- This was never a bad thing in the first place. Communism is an ECONOMIC SYSTEM, not a social one. This means that not all forms of communism or bad, or that all communist countries run under oppressive leaders. It just hasn't been carried out correctly, because the ideas have been distorted and bickered over.
elissa1223 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2004
i totally agree with you
sabiss Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2004
Yup, you got that right, people never like bullies, and the US has been bullying for far too long... So now, people hate the US... I'd hope Nader wins too... But that is simply impossible, sadly. I think the American democracy is obsolete, it needs serious reforms...
Piuro Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2004   Interface Designer
Peace isnt the absence of war, its the product of it.
giniagoesforth Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2004
yeah. I agree with all of it, and especially the actual picture. Wish i could vote *laments being an underage australian*
goth-punk Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2004
alot of people say things like "if you hate our country so much then why are you still here" mainly cos it aint going to get better if no ones going to fight for it not to suck.
giniagoesforth Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2004
well, in a couple of years i will be a voting overage american, so it all works
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